Week 7 with Andrea

It seems that Andrea follows the average standard. She had a lot of intestinal cramps. This happens with a lot of babies and can happen until they are 3 months old. However after 6 weeks it usually becomes a lot less in most babies. Andrea is now almost 7 weeks and since a few days she has indeed a lot less trouble with her intestines. Untill Monday she slept in the living room in her stroller because that way I could comfort her when she had a lot of pain. Since Tuesday I put her in her bed upstairs again, since it appeared already that Monday she was a lot relaxter. She did not sleep a lot on Tuesday, probably because she had to get used to it. On Wednesday she slept the whole day upstairs, in between feedings and bathing. Thursday we went together with Omi to Utrecht to do some shopping. She was very quiet and slept almost the whole day. We went for lunch in Restaurant Lofen. She slept throughout the whole lunch. When we went back to Nieuwegein she did not like it that much anymore and started crying a little bit. On Friday I put her in bed, while she had her eyes very open. She “talked” a little bit to herself, but finally fell asleep without me having to go upstairs and comfort her.

She sleeps approximately 5.5 hours during the night (Joehoe, more sleep for mom and dad). She gets her last feeding around 22.45 and sleeps till 4.30 (last night even till 4.45). After that she usually wakes up around 6 and does not want to fall asleep that easily, but today she slept till 8. We now also found a daily routine in feeding times. This makes her a very happy girl that can entertain herself for quite some time and laughs a lot when you talk to her.

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  1. Deef says:

    hiep hoi, and we will try to continue this routine (hopefully extend the night a little bit longer :) )

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