Visit to Leiden or the poop story

Today Andrea and myself went to Leiden to treat beschuit met muisjes to my colleagues. All went well. Andrea slept the whole trip in the car. In Leiden she got a bottle and when she was nearly finished people started to come in for the beschuiten. After that I visited some people with her that did not have time to come to the coffee break. Andrea had fallen asleep in the meantime because of all the new impressions. During my meeting with Ingrid she was awake again but we could still talk to eachother. I left her at Lorraine’s and Ylva’s office so that I could go “kolven”. She was asleep when I left and when I came back, in between apparently not :).

After an hour it was again feeding time. I changed her diaper before the bottle and gave her her bottle. She did not finish it completely but it was impossible to get more milk in her (I now know why). She started to smell a little bit suring the feeding, but I though it was just gass. I checked on the outside and could not smell or see any poop. So after the feeding I drove back to Nieuwegein. When we were in the car I heared that she was making a lot of effort in emptying her intestines (which had not been emptied for two days). It was quite busy on the road so it took a while before we arrived home. I took her out of the maxi cosi and my hands were completely wet when I did. I went up stairs, put her on the changing pillow and took of her pants. Those were completely brown on the inside (they were supposed to be pink). Of course Andrea started to laugh. I took the changing pillow (with Andrea on it), put it in the bathroom and put Andrea in her bath tub. I took of her clothes and diaper. She was completely covered in poop. I took the shower and put the shower on her. She started to cry a little bit, but after 2 seconds she started to like it. The cleaning this way went very well and I was very proud of myself that I thought of this. When I walked back with her to put a new diaper on I heared some watery noise. I had forgotten to check whether the “afvoerslang” (out) of her bathtub was actually in our bath tub. Unfortunately it was not, so the bathroom floor was wet with some brown spots in it. So much for a good idea. The maxi cosi was of course also wet, so I had to clean that one as well. Now everything and everybody is clean again.

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