Sleepless in Nieuwegein

Today we slept a couple of hours, not nearly enough but still, every hour counts. the intentions of going to bed at 21:00 were there, but reality kicked in and it turned out to be 00:15 before a comfortable bed was there. Today Suzanne is back at the hospital, hopefully back home soon and without any complications. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Liliana Aranha says:

    Hi dear friends!

    Congratulations for the new arrival!

    Andrea Vink, how gorgeous are you!

    I couldn’t guess you were expecting a baby to come!

    It was a very nice surprise for me! Imagine me getting on the website of the “fam deefsuus” and suddenly, coming from nowhere…
    what the…?
    i’m confused now…
    wait a minute…

    Dear God!, they’re one one more of them now!!!

    Oh joy, oh joy!
    I am very happy for you both, i mean, “throth”…?

    A big hug for the three of you!
    Best wishes!

  2. Liliana Aranha says:

    PS- Keeping my fingers crossed for Suzanne as well.

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