On Wednesday my mom came again to keep me company and to help with things that still needed to be done. She arrived in the morning, stayed over and left yesterday again. In the afternoon I had a docter’s appointment since I had¬†a big dark red thing on my lower lip. This started 3 weeks ago during a meeting I had (still at work). It did not want to stop bleeding during that meeting. It was just a very small wound at that point, but bled for 10-15 minutes during the meeting. After that it almost disappeared, but unfortunately it started bleeding again after a week or so. After that episode it grew bigger and bled several times. I at first thought it was just a blister, but eventuall I saw that it was more than a blister and finally went to the GP. Especially since Deef could only look at the blob instead of looking at me :)

On Wednesday it bled four times (5-10 minutes each time). The GP knew immediately what it was, although she could not remember the name (which I can understand): granuloma angietectaticum (I think). It is a non-malignant growth of vascular tissue (hence the bleeding episodes). She called the dermatologist at the hospital and arranged that I could go there the next day to have it removed. Especially since I am 1 week away from my due date and I might bite my lips during labour. So on Thursday I went to the hospital, received some local aneasthetic in my lip (not the nicest thing to have) and it was excised from my lip. I now have some stitches in my lip and it still hurst a little bit, but at least the bleedings are gone. The tissue will be sent to the lab to be examined to see whether it is really non-malignant, but the surgeon did not anticipate any malignancy but he had to sent it to the lab. I will get the results of this on the 29th of June.

3 Responses to Surgery

  1. suzanne says:

    It is healing very nicely. Most of the stitches are gone by now.

  2. Monique says:

    Does not sound fun at all but I am thrilled that all went so smoothly and your lips is healing well ready for you to bite it during the delivery if you so feel like it :)

  3. Suzanne says:

    Fortunately the docter already called last week to say that is was non-malignant.

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