New car?

Tuesday my mom came to Nieuwegein by train and tram to do the final shopping for baby clothing and other baby related equipment. The planning was that she would stay till Wednesday and on Wednesday take the train back to Sittard to be picked up by my dad. Since a week however, my dad had decided that they need a new car.
When we called him on Wednesday morning we told him mom and myself were going to IJsselstein to go to a nice babyshop. He suddenly realized he had seen a nice car in IJsselstein. he never realized it was so close to Nieuwegein. When we told him this he decided to come up and make a testdrive with the car. They went to the shop and about 1.5 hours later the phone rang. He was stranded on a crossing near our house. The battery of the car was totally empty and since modern cars are completely electronic the car could not be moved. He did not have the phone number of the garage, so I called the garage. Since he was stranded quite close to our house I decided to walk there and made some pictures.
car2car3CAr 1

A lot of people stopped and said:”you better not buy that car”. Fortunately the garage sent somebody over to pick him up from the crossing. You would guess he did not buy the car, stubborn as my father is….. he bought the car.
They can pick up the car next Wednesday.

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  1. Mark says:

    Hey, I didn’t even know he had a new car!

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