Back from holidays

Last weekend we arrived safely home after a nice and relaxing holiday in Canada. We were welcomed by my brother and Monique. We stayed a few days in Ottawa and after that were allowed to use Miles to drive to Toronto. In Toronto we went to a performance of the Tip of the melting ice berg in “Second city”. After Toronto we drove to Gannanoque and visited Kingston the day after. We went to the casino and unfortunately did not win anything (actually we did win 40 dollars, but lost it all again). We drove back to Ottawa and visited Montreal during the following weekend together with Mark and Monique. We still had a coupon from Christmas for diner in Montreal. We did not stay in the same hotel but we both had free rooms. We even had a separate living room and a bed room. After Montreal Deef and I continued our journey to Quebec city. There was still a lot of snow in Quebec city. We arrived back in Ottawa and had 1 day of relaxing before we had to fly back home. A snooze on the couch was immediately noticed by the whole world because the webcam was pointed to the couch :)

The holiday was very relaxing, but also very exhausting. Pregnancy is taking its toll. Especially the flight was very exhaustive, since it is very difficult to find a nice pose where the baby is not in the way.

Temporary pictures of the holidays can be found here

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