Boontje is no longer a boontje (pictures will follow)

Yesterday we had our 20-week ultrasound. It was very nice. Everything that needed to be there was there. Sizes of all important pieces of the body were okay. The heart was connected to the aorto and the pulmonary artery the right way, the umbelical cord was nicely connected to the belly etc. We saw the head (inlcuding nose, lips), the spinal cord (which was closed so no spina bifida), ribs, heart, umbellical veins, “middenrif”, stomach, bladder, liver (although I could not recognize it, the nurse said it was there), one hand with fingers, legs (although difficult)¬†and feet and some more things that I could not recognize.

The nurse was however complaining that it was already a stubborn baby. It did not want to lay still for the pictures. I felt a lot of fight going on in my belly.

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