Monthly Archives: February 2007

Happy birthday

February 27, 2007

Today is the first day of my 35th year on this planet. This means I am now officially 34 years old. This morning I already had some presents (baby-game, ik word papa and davidoff citruz fuzzz), at work I noticed my workspace was decorated and I got a design wine opener.


February 12, 2007

Last weekend we ordered the babyroom for Boontje. We ordered a commode and a small bed. Everything is supposed to be delivered mid-April. ThisĀ is the room we ordered but without the closet.

Boontje pictures

February 10, 2007

As announced earlier: the pictures. Zijkant hoofd Bovenkant hoofd Voet

Boontje is no longer a boontje (pictures will follow)

February 8, 2007

Yesterday we had our 20-week ultrasound. It was very nice. Everything that needed to be there was there. Sizes of all important pieces of the body were okay. The heart was connected to the aorto and the pulmonary artery the right way, the umbelical cord was nicely connected to the belly etc. We saw the […]


February 6, 2007

Winter finally came to the Netherlands. It was snowing almost the whole day in Leiden. The snowflakes are not visible on the picture, but you can see that the cars and street have become (a little bit) white.