Car accessoires

With a new car comes a new radio and with a new radio comes a new blue tooth handsfree set. In the Renault we have the possibility to regulate the volume of the car radio via a remote on the steering wheel. Since our old radio was not so fancy to be able to do that we decided to buy a new car. We also decided to buy a blue tooth handfree set, to be able to phone in the car. This afternoon we decided to give it a go and see whether we could install everyhting ourselves. When we saw all the cables and connectors that came with it we decided that people with more brains about this matter should do it. It will all be installed tomorrow by a friend of Deef’s. The good part is that the new radio also plays MP3 cds!

2 Responses to Car accessoires

  1. Sander says:

    Nou alles is ingebouwd, en spannender nog, het werkt :)

    Veel plezier ermee en ik hoor het graag als er iets is !

  2. Deef says:

    Haha, ja hij was gezellig, en het werkt nog steeds. Thanks

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