Going cultural

Esther van Leer invited me to a n implementation called the Mattheus Passion. It is the story of the life of Jezus Christ written by Bach. The signing was performed by the Dutch boys choir (kind of German singing Dutch Wiener saengerknaben), the Dutch Bach choir. Music was performed by the Dutch Bach Orchestra. Dirigent was Pieter Jan Leusink. The performance was in the Jacobi kerk in Utrecht. The famous sopraan Miranda van Kralingen also took part in the signing.
It was very impressive how so much sounds and volume could come from so little amount of people. Also the dirigent was completely into the music and the signing. I really enjoyed it, although sitting in a cold church for three hours did not help to get rid of my cold (it even made it worse), I would not want to have missed it. One tip if you also would like to go and see and hear it: Bring the text with you, it helps a lot in understanding what they are singing.

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  1. Mark says:

    Did you bring paper and pen for all the signing?

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