Car damage

When I arrived at my car last Thursday after work to drive home somebody had “slightly” damaged the car. A picture of it can be seen here. The arrow points out where there used to be a plastic door stopper. This was laying on the ground next to the car. My impression (plus the impression of everybody who has seen it, including the police woman to whom I reported the damage) is that the driver must have noticed that (s)he was hitting the car. Of course there was no note on the car. Apparently (s)he thought it was just a small Fiat Seicento so who cares.
On Monday it will go to the damage repair company and I am afraid it will cost quite a lot of money. I hope that we can get some money from the “waarborgfonds” so that our insurancy payments do not rise up untill the sky due to this thoughtless person.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    The car is at the damage repair company. It will cost about 1000 euros. I got a Renault Twingo as a replacement car. It has airco (damn why don’t those things happen in summer) and radio control buttons on the steering wheel. Other gadgets I did not find. Well time to go to work.

  2. Suzanne says:

    We have our car back! Joehoe. They even vacuumed it and washed it. The vacuuming had been on my todo list for a few weeks already.

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