Christmas has already passed. We stayed at my parents’ place. It was nice, cosy and relaxing. Christmas eve we had a fondue, with soup and cheese (in two different fondues). After dinner we opened our presents. Deef and I got a digital video camera from my parents. I put that on my wishlist as a kind of joke. We were looking for one, but had never imagined that my dad would really go out and buy one for us. Of course we are very happy with it, but it was never the intention that he should buy one for us.
We already made some nice videos with it and you will find some of the movies back once we have had some time to play with the videos etc.
Dad got a bread baking machine and a pasta machine. Apparently people want him in the kitchen. We already tasted some breads (3) and they were very good.
Mom got a new bracelet, a bird-feeding hanging basket plant, and a chandelier with candles.
On christmas day we had fresh bread for breakfast and turkey for diner. The second day of christmas we took a ride in the steam train from Simpelveld to Schin op Geul with Oskar, Jeslyn and Jaydie, Nicole and her family, aunt Annelie, Bruno and his family. Walked down the hill and up the hill to realize that we were back at the train station. Went for a gluhwein and took some other train back to simpelveld had another gluhwein and had dinner at aunt Annelie’s place. We had bbq-ed ribs!
While drinking gluhwein in Simpelveld it started snowing and did not stop till the next day. So on the 27th we drove back to Nieuwegein quite early to be sure that the roads were not too slippery.

2 Responses to Christmas

  1. mam says:

    You forgot my bag

  2. Suzanne says:

    Oops, sorry about that. Mom received a nice leather bag which she can use to go to meetings etc.

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