Dr. S. Hermeling

I have defended my thesis and I am a Doctor!
The day was a marvelous event. The first few minutes during the defense I was quite nervous, but after that I even enjoyed it. All speeches were very positive about me, even the sketch of my colleagues was very nice. I enjoyed every second of the day (after 15.15). When looking at the weather I could not have picked a worse day. Because of the storm and the snow a lot of people arrived too late, or did not arrive at all.

I want to thank everybody for celebrating the day with me. Joost made a lot of pictures and some of them can be found here and here. More people had cameras with them, some more pictures can be found here. If you have also made any pictures, please let me know, in order to make 1 album out of all of them.

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  1. suzanne says:

    MOre pictures can be found at http://www.deefsuus.nl.

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