Monthly Archives: November 2005

New workplace

November 28, 2005

On monday I started working on my new location, with a new desk (which looks very familiar for all people who have an Ikea desk). It is not that much space, and already I am making a mess out of it. The location itself is not that bad, but could be better, I am ‘in […]

Dr. S. Hermeling

November 27, 2005

I have defended my thesis and I am a Doctor! The day was a marvelous event. The first few minutes during the defense I was quite nervous, but after that I even enjoyed it. All speeches were very positive about me, even the sketch of my colleagues was very nice. I enjoyed every second of […]


November 22, 2005

This morning i had my proefpromotie. Colleagues were supposed to ask questions about the thesis and I was supposed to answer them the way I would answer them on Friday, so my sentences should start with zeergeleerde opponent or hooggeleerde opponent. When I drove in the car this morning I was starting to get nervous. […]

only 5 more days

November 20, 2005

Only 5 more days to go until me defense.. i must say I am getting a little bit nervous. Tuesday I will have my “proefpromotie” during which colleagues can ask questions and I have to pretend they are the committee. Unfortunately it also looks like I am getting a cold. Marieke and a friend of […]

New job

November 6, 2005

Last week I started my new job at Octoplus Development BV. I got introduced to a lot of new faces. I am trying to memorize their names by looking at the portrettengallerij on the internal website of the company. My job title is “Junior Scientist/Project Leader”. I will have to plan, organize projects and have […]