Thank you ANWB!

Today I was very happy that the ANWB exists and that they have a Wegenwacht service. I left my work after a long day of hard work. Took a seat in the car, turned the key……. nothing happened… He that is strange… Tried again…. nothing happened.

Opened the hood (motorkap) and pushed a little bit on the battery… walked to the seat of the car… He the radio is playing again… Closed the hood. Took a seat, turned the key…. nothing happened. Damn. Aah well, called the ANWB within 15 sec I had an operator on the line which asked some questions and said that the wegenwacht would come and give me a call if he would be in the neighbourhood. So I went back in the building took something to read, had a chat with the doorman who told me all the things I should have done to prevent this problem. Sat in the sun for a few minutes, walked back to the car to sit in the car since it was getting cold…. There he was… The yellow car (within 15 minutes). He cleaned the connections of the battery, asked me to start the car… Euhm.. I would love to but it does not work… Ai… Then I think your battery is dead. Fortunately they had a new battery at their station near Nieuwegein, so I followed him to their place. Since it was rush hour it was quite busy on the roads. We were standing in front of a traffic light and suddenly my phone rings: this is the wegenwacht calling. Have you ever driven on a bus lane? Well today you will switch on your alarm lights and follow me. So we passed all traffic and arrived at the station. He offered me a cup of coffee and within one hour after I called I was back home having diner, with a new battery in our car. So thank you ANWB, I am very glad that I am a member!

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