Things performed while we were off-line

The computer was off-line but we were not. We had to remove a “vuurdoorn” that due to some wind was hanging over de street. Because of this I wanted to paint the shed against which the vuurdoorn was standing since the previous owners did not paint the shed behind the vuurdoorn.

Unfortunately the shed did not agree with this. Some of the wood was rotten so we had to repair it first. Deef’s dad was so nice to come and help us as soon as we called him.
During Christmas holidays we made a shelf in the bathroom and painted the bottom of the stairs to the attic. Since you have to protect the walls next to the stairs I put some tape on the wall-paper. With removing the tape also some wall-paper came with the tape. Which means that pretty soon (when mom and aunt Annelie have time) we will remove all wall-paper on the hall of the 1st floor, whiten the ceiling and put new wall-paper on the walls. We will keep you updated on this.

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