Well since we have a bbq we need to use it. Yesterday was the first quite sunny and warm day in The Netherlands so we decided to have a bbq. Fortunately we now have two freezers at home. One for the daily things and one for the meat.

This means that we can always decide to turn on the bbq whenever we want to.
We invited deef’s parents and brother as well since they are going on holidays on Saturday.
When I came home… ran up the stairs took meat out, ran down again, opened the microwave, put to defrost, put meat in, wait, take meat out, put meat on bbq….. wait….. wait a bit more…. and…. Yummie eat nice spare ribs, chicken wings and sates. Of course we also had some salad, vegetables and bread.
This was of course accompanied by a nice cold glass of beer!

2 Responses to BBQ

  1. Ger says:

    yummie yummie……………..

    and the scales?

  2. Suzanne says:

    I think they are broken :)

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