Well as you have read I am currently in Japan and I am enjoying my stay here. Natasa and myself have been to Tokyo to visit Mark and a ex-colleague of ours. It was marvellous I really enjoyed every bit of it. Yesterday we did an afternoon tour of Kyoto and we now atleast know the difference between a shrine and a temple. Today we had the banquet of the conference. It was really exclusive (also in amounts). There were alsoGeishas to entertain is. Geishas are a special kind of entertainers. They got often mixed with prostitues but they are not. Pictures will follow when we get back. They are very expensive to heir. Natasa and I gave them a small souvenir from the NEtherlands (small version of wooden shoes with windmills and delfts blue). Tomorrow we have half a day of lectures and after that we will go to the golden pavilion. Friday is our last day to do some shopping and on Saterday we will fly back to Amsterdam

3 Responses to Kyoto

  1. Deef says:

    Good to read you are enjoying yourselves!
    Any difference between kyoto and tokyo (and why do they have exactly the same letters?)

  2. suzanne says:

    tokyo is a lot bigger than kyoto. For the rest… I really haveno clue.

  3. Mark says:

    Kyoto was the old capital of Japan. Then, a lot of years ago, Yedo was made the capital, which was then renamed to Tokyo. I guess the person doing the renaming had a good sense of humor ;)

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