Monthly Archives: January 2008

Hide and seek

January 30, 2008

Andrea is playing hide and seek. She is now next to the couch. I have not moved her, nor the blanket since the previous picture post.

Kip patat en appelmoes

January 30, 2008

Yesterday the book I ordered about babyfood came in. I was reading it this morning and it contains quite some funny recepies. One of them is “kip patat en appelmoes”. We are going to try this on her in the weekend. Others are baby hutspot, nasi goreng for babies and sheperd’s pie. I will try […]


January 30, 2008

She was laying on her back and when I turned around she was suddenly on her belly. She already turned from back to belly a few times before but it was always vey difficult and took quite some time. She apparently got the hang of it.


January 30, 2008

Yes it is weekend for me. Today is my regular mommy day. Tomorrow and Friday I took some days off. Some time for myself. Andrea will be at daycare so two days to take care of “achterstallig onderhoud”. The car still needs to be washed since we are back from Germany this has already been […]


January 28, 2008