Monthly Archives: November 2007

Visit to Mariet, Guus and Bart

November 30, 2007



November 26, 2007

The castle of Sinterklaas

Picture update

November 25, 2007

Finally a little album update, we have updated the August album (some movies were missing). Also added Poffertjes album and Brunssum album.

Andrea is not too happy

November 21, 2007

  Today Andrea sat nice and relaxed against my legs. Since I wanted to get up omi came with the marvellous idea to put the breast feeding pillow on the floor. She liked it for a while but in front of the camera she did not like it anymore.

Track Deef

November 20, 2007

Once again I found a new tool, and this seems to work a bit better then the other one. Try it out today somewhere around 17:15 when I should be leaving home….will be viewable here. [update] Not working that good (it IS beta) but still better then the previous one. Check here for the route […]