Monthly Archives: October 2007

GP appointment

October 31, 2007

This afternoon I went to the¬†GP to have part of my tone nail remove. One year ago I had the same nail removed and after that I found out I was pregnant. The GP said that he did not see any correlation there :). After the procedure he told me to make a new appointment […]

Roll over

October 31, 2007

Today omi and mommy were playing with Andrea in the jungle. We put her on her belly and rolled a ball to her. Suddenly she was laying on her back again. Omi and mommy looked at eachother, put her back on her belly and suddenly she was again on her back. We repeated this a […]

dark & kimberly

October 29, 2007

“my phone is better” Last day of one of the bargirls, so Marco HAD to make a picture.


October 28, 2007

It appears that Andrea has finally learned that she also has to sleep during the day. On Wednesday she already slept some time during the day but that could have been due to her vaccinations. On Thursday and Friday at daycare she did not sleep a lot (only 2 times 30 minutes). Yesterday and today […]


October 25, 2007

in the bus onour way home.