Monthly Archives: August 2007


August 25, 2007

Celebrating our first anniversary in a restaurant (Santos). Andrea behaved very good, but started crying the last couple of minutes. We discovered some brown substance on her pants, so mom went tot the toilet and changed the diaper (on the floor, because the bathroom was not that big…).

den haag

August 25, 2007

We wanted to buy a bike-car to transport Andrea with the bike. We found a shop in den-haag that had a collection so we went there for advice. After that we had to think a little bit (and it was feeding time for Andrea) so we looked for a place to drink. When all three […]

Week 8 with Andrea

August 24, 2007

As you could already read, Andrea received her first vaccinations this week. She did not really like them and needed a lot of comforting that day and the day after. She did not get a fever. On Thursday she still needed a lot of comforting and did not sleep during the day, so it seems […]


August 21, 2007

Today we went again to the “consultatiebureau”. Andrea was weighed and measured again. She gained 2 cm and 500 grams. The curve can be seen at Andrea’s page by clicking on the graph. She also received her first vaccinations. She did not really like it (nor did mom). When she received the injections she was […]

Day care

August 20, 2007

Today Andrea had a “wenuurtje” (getting used to hour)¬†at the day care. We had a meeting at 10.30 to discuss all the details about Andrea (what does she eat and when and other things). After that we left her at “De Toverfluit” around 11.15. It was quite hard for mom to leave her there, but […]