Monthly Archives: February 2006

Happy birthday!

February 28, 2006

Yesterday was Deef’s birthday! He had slingers when he came home from work. His family and some friends came over for a cup of coffee, cake and some drinks. As presents he received Kill Bill 1 (2x) andKill Bill 2 (2x) and some “wijk bij duurstede’s” drink. It was a very nice evening. We talked […]

Apple pie

February 11, 2006

This afternoon I baked an apple pie. I already had this planned before our holidays. The apples still looked okay after the holidays so I baked it this afternoon. And I must say.. It looks quite delicious. Unfortunately it still has to stay for another hour before I am allowed to taste it.

back home

February 9, 2006

We are back home. After a long and turbulent flight (even the stewardesses had to sit down) we touched down 40 minutes ahead of scheduled time. Pictures and movies will come soon.