Monthly Archives: October 2005

On their way

October 25, 2005

The theses are on their way to family, friends, colleagues etc. Hopefully the mail system of the university is efficient.


October 21, 2005

Today is the defense of Marieke vd Aa. All preparations (writing, styling, printing) we mostly did together since we both had to do the same things and fill in the same forms. Today is her big day and I am nervous too. She will probably do a splendid job. I will pay special attention to […]

New Boss

October 14, 2005

Yesterday the news came to us as a thunderstrike: Lost Boys (Lb-Icon) has bought Inpact. This means, a lot of new people to meet, different structure, different a lot of things! [update] Text deleted on request… [/update] Colleague with Cactus


October 14, 2005

Yesterday afternoon I had a shopping date with my paranimfen for clothing for the big day. We started at 12.30 and at 18.30 we were ready and had all three a new beautiful outfit!


October 14, 2005

Yesterday my “proefdrukken” arrived. I was shopping for clothes for the big day, but my colleague sent me an sms so I picked them up after the shopping day. I have only looked at the lay-out since if I start reading it again I will definitely find a lot of mistakes again and still a […]