Monthly Archives: July 2005

Party places

July 27, 2005

As mentioned in the previous post I went to see some places for the party on November 25th. We started with a nice diner at Toque Toque. The three of us all ordered a 3 courses surprise menu and all of us received different things, so I guess the cook was very creative. Toque toque […]

All is progressing nicely

July 20, 2005

As all who read this might know I am writing my thesis at the moment and I thought to keeo you up to date about this as well. The first four chapters are written and the first three are also styled already. The fourth chapter will be styled today. All other chapters (5-9) are under […]

House renovations

July 20, 2005

Life has been quite busy recently so not much happened on the webpage. Not much has been done in our outside the house. ALthough last weekend I painted the wood around the windows on the ground floor. Today we will receive new roof windows and as I am writing this it started to rain cats […]