Monthly Archives: May 2004


May 4, 2004

In a lost half an hour I was using Google to dig up some more songs about Nieuwegein (see earlier post, Paul van Vliet). I came across this text from Jeroen van Merwijk. I am not sure if it is a song, a poem, or something else. Not been able to find in on cd […]


May 4, 2004

There are several ways to get to Rome, and there are also several ways to go to the Disselsjeesdrift. From our ‘old appartment’ to the ‘new house’ you can go with only a little bit of highway, as you can see here. The distance was 16.75 km and it took us 17 minutes and 25 […]

2 days of hard work

May 2, 2004

This weekend my parents and aunt Annelie came to help. Deef’s brother and Deef’s dad also came for the floor in my study. All major projects are finished now so let the movers come. The floor in the living room will be sanded next week and after that we can move. The pictures of Saturday […]