Monthly Archives: January 2009

Wachten op boot

January 30, 2009

gelukkig zijn er meer kindjes en een zachte hond.


January 27, 2009

Andrea is trying to jump, and she does not want to leave the bed (tilt head to see correctly). [googlevideo=]


January 25, 2009

Yesterday Andrea played with fingerpaint. At first she only put the tip of her finger into the paint and after each color her finger needed to be wiped clean. After a while she noticed that you can also put your complete hand in it and go with your hand over the paper.


January 24, 2009

Andrea is driving Nijntje around at City Plaza

Flu epidemic?

January 19, 2009

It might be that the flu epidemic has taken its first victim in our family. Yesterday Andrea was not very happy she spent the whole day either in my arms or in her own bed. She had about 45 minutes of activity (walking around) after her afternoon nap, but even that was too much for […]