Visit to consultatiebureau

Andrea had to pay another visit to the consultatiebureau today. We had an appointment at 8.45. Unfortunately traffic was quite busy so the docter did not arrive until 9.10. Her length is now 77cm and weight is 10.380 kg. Both are now above average. Especially in weight she gained a lot (click here for the graphs). She had some eczeem (ezcemia?) since yesterday. No more soap until it is gone. Andrea does not really seem bothered by it. She was also supposed to get her BMR and MenC vaccinations. But according to the docter this was not possible since a new version of the BMR would come on the market in one week or so and the old ones were not supposed to be used anymore so I would have to come back one day. Fortunately this CB already did have the new version so Andrea also received her vaccinations. The docter was not too happy with it because of her eczeem but she gave them anyway. WIth the first one (BMR) she did not cry at all. Mommy was more bothered than Andrea. With the second one she cried for 3 seconds and after that all was well. All people in the waiting room were surprised when I came back with a happy and waving kid on my arms :). No more vaccinations until she is 4 years old!

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  1. deef says:

    And hopefully no other shots either…

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