Monthly Archives: August 2008

Annual bbq in Limburg – Andrea is sick

August 31, 2008

Every year a bbq is organized in Limburg by one of the families of the “Club”. This year the bbq was organized at my parent’s place. Most children including grand children would come. Deef, Andrea and myself also went. We left home on Saturday morning after breakfast. All was fine, Andrea ate her breakfast and […]

car fun

August 31, 2008

[googlevideo=] after a cookie we are having fun in the car. the most fun we had this weekend, the rest of it andrea could not enjoy herself.


August 26, 2008

we can poop again.

Bike in motion

August 23, 2008

[googlevideo=] The bike in backward motion.

riding a bike

August 23, 2008

youre doin it wrong…