Monthly Archives: July 2008


July 30, 2008

Deef trying out this ripstick thing from darksavant

Hot hot hot

July 28, 2008

It was hot, and so was the car. On the way home from grandma Andrea was sweating like crazy. Luckily the ride was not that long.

Very impressive weekend!

July 28, 2008

Last weekend the weather was beautiful so Andrea, myself and Deef spent a lot of time in our back yard. On Saturday we put the small bath tub that we used to bath Andrea in when she was younger outside and filled it with water. She already liked it when she was standing next to it, […]


July 26, 2008

Andrea is reading her own daycarecenter book. She took it out of her backpack herself.

No traffic

July 22, 2008

I love the holiday season. This morning it took me only 40 minutes (on a normal Tuesday it takes about 60-70 minutes) to drive from home to work. When I arrived in Leiden so early (7.30am at OctoPlus) I was afraid that the building would not be open yet and no coffee would be ready. Fortunately […]