Monthly Archives: May 2008

New toy

May 13, 2008

Once again a new toy, this time a car to walk with, with a blue cow face on front. This looks like she is walking with it already, but she still needs help with all this. Who knows what happens in two weeks…

First Mother’s day as a mother

May 12, 2008

Yesterday was my first mother’s day as a mother. Andrea had a nice present for me. She woke up at 6am. Deef went down with her so that I could get a little bit more sleep. After that I had breakfast in bed: fresh baked croissants, orange juice and coffee. When breakfast was done I received […]


May 12, 2008

Andrea likes to climb these days. She was standing on Deef’s lap and a few seconds later she was laying on the table.

Together with Grandpa

May 12, 2008


Opening of the season

May 11, 2008

Bbq on mother’s day. The season has started.