Monthly Archives: January 2007

New car

January 14, 2007

After looking at some websites the last week, we had a clue about what kind of car was affordable and what we wanted. Today we decided to go to the car-boulevard and see/feel/touch some cars. Not much was available to our liking, but one was to our liking. After some thinking and a little testdrive […]

Visit to “verloskundige”

January 10, 2007

I just came back from the verloskundige. Everything was fine. Boontje was again a perfect textbook example for a trainee. Boontje is 3/4 NS (whatever that maybe). All bloodvalues were fine, as well as the blood pressure. According to their scales (although a different one than last time) said that I gained 5.8 kg. Our scales […]

New weblog

January 7, 2007

With a new website it is time to start up a new weblog as well. We already started a new one on the Mac, but managing it is not so easy that way. Let’s hope this will make life easier. Enjoy reading (if anything else will be added)