Monthly Archives: January 2007

This Sunday

January 28, 2007

Most of this Sunday has been spent on the car. While Sander was doing his thing, Deef just sat back, talked and watched him work…The radio has been set, the carkit has been tested and all things have been done neatly. Quick ride home, and right after that a quick ride to schiphol. After that, […]

Car accessoires

January 27, 2007

With a new car comes a new radio and with a new radio comes a new blue tooth handsfree set. In the Renault we have the possibility to regulate the volume of the car radio via a remote on the steering wheel. Since our old radio was not so fancy to be able to do […]

Car photos

January 21, 2007

Yesterday we picked up the new car. Here are some photos of our latest addition to the family.


January 19, 2007

There was a huge storm yesterday going over The Netherlands and  a lot of other countries in Europe. Deef and I came home safely. Unfortunately we were supposed to have diner with friends of us in Soest, but we cancelled it. Everything around the house is still standing. One thing is missing though. We used […]

Deef is ill

January 15, 2007

Deef stayed home today since his breakast landed in the toilet. He remained in bed most of the day, although my diner was ready when I arrived today. Let’s hope he will feel better tomorrow!