Monthly Archives: July 2004


July 28, 2004

My parents were the last two days at our house to do some heavy work. We had ordered sliding doors and my parents were going to make the inside of the closet. We also still had the lamellen laying in the floor which needed to go up against the ceiling. My parents also have remade […]


July 23, 2004

Well since we have a bbq we need to use it. Yesterday was the first quite sunny and warm day in The Netherlands so we decided to have a bbq. Fortunately we now have two freezers at home. One for the daily things and one for the meat.

Luxaflex & Tree

July 3, 2004

About a week ago the neighbours decided to remove their tree, so we made some pictures of the missing tree. Today we received our lamellen and luxaflex. The lamellen will be a project on itself, so we have not done anything with that. We did put on the luxaflex today. Check out the pictures here.